Introducing the Gatare™ guitar amplifier

Turn your existing guitar video game controller* into a REAL, easy to use musical instrument - allowing you to Play, Perform and Collaborate!


For anyone who isn't ready to spend years learning to play guitar, but still wants that Rock Star experience - we created the patent-pending Gatare amplifier. [Pronounce it like "Gator"] Plug in your wired or wireless controller and start performing right away!

If you can play Guitar Hero™ or Rock Band™, on any difficulty setting, then you can be ACTUALLY PLAYING MUSIC in minutes! Don't just push buttons while someone else plays - YOU be the guitarist, and play it the way you like!

Create your own guitar sound, choose a song to cover, or come up with your own! Just like playing a "Real" guitar, except - no guitar lessons!

Check out the demo to see what we mean!

We map each of the five colored buttons to guitar chords. The chord groups are based on the song you want to play.

The Gatare has four modes:

  1. Listen to the song selected
  2. Learn the rhythm guitar part for the song selected
  3. Play the rhythm guitar part along with the song
  4. Freestyle - play your own songs or create new ones

The Gatare includes many popular songs that are easy to learn. Follow along with the five colored bars on the website to learn your part. Play your part at low volume to make sure you've got it. Then play along with the rest of the band!

Now YOU are the rhythm guitarist. You can play along with your family and friends - or create your own Gatare band!

With the included microphone XLR input, you can sing along as you play.

Gatare front panel

We are taking pre-orders now for delivery in 8-10 weeks. No credit card required at this time. We will contact you when we are ready to ship. Click on the Pre-Order menu item to order!

Software updates and new songs will be available through a download from our site to the Gatare's flash memory card.

* Currently supported USB guitar game controllers are: Rock Band™ and Guitar Hero™ versions for Microsoft Xbox 360™ and Sony PlayStation 3™ Wireless guitars work with appropriate USB receiver dongle. Sony PlayStation 2™ controllers will also work with an appropriate USB adapter.